Common-sense Marketing Services


The foundation of an effective marketing effort begins with the overall plan.  The old adage “Plan your work and work your plan” may be cliché but is often the difference between success and failure to execute your marketing goals.  W.M.M.cGuire will help you define very specific and measurable short and long term goals that are achievable and within your budget.

Discovery: Development of Marketing Roadmap

Based on your unique value proposition, niche market, and other firm and industry specific considerations, W.M.McGuire will develop a detailed report that factors how to identify the best avenues of opportunity to pursue. The roadmap will include recommended best practices and tactical deliverables (with any associated budgets), such as website enhancements, social media account set-up, events, webinars, podcasts, white papers, email campaigns, public relations, and content marketing.

Implementation: Strategy and Tactical Support (After the completion of the Marketing Roadmap)

Based on your preference, we’ll work with your internal team and work closely with a network of industry knowledgeable designers, writers, and creative resources.  We’ll develop a custom marketing calendar to coordinate logistics and ensure that your program stays on track every step of the way. We’ll also build in performance measurements for tracking and reporting with ROI goals.



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